THE BOARDS Large boards crusty breads various toppings great to share!

  • FISH – smoked salmon peeled prawn’s house fishcake lemon dill dressing mayonnaise Marie rose capers chunks of Angela’s breads £14.95
  • CHEESE AND HAM HOCK TERRINE PLANK – chunks of Angela’s farm bread, crackers, 3 cheeses, ham hock terrine, chutney, celery, apple, chutney, pickles, fruit cake grapes £13.95
  • ELSLACK PLOUGH – Drake & Macefield pork pie roasted beef, roast ham, homemade Scotch egg, creamy Lancashire cheese, pickles salad and coleslaw Angela’s farm bread £14.95


Rather than attach all sorts icons to each dish on our menu…… we would

Prefer you discuss with a member of staff BEFORE ordering

If you have certain allergens that affect you or if you are gluten free we are where ever possible happy to adapt dishes for you.